I can & I will; KAYAKO.

Translated from the Filipino language, Tagalog, KAYAKO (“kaya ko”) means “I can” or “I got this” depending on the context it’s used in. It is a statement used to express how that person can take on whatever weight the obstacle they’re facing is putting on them. As a streetwear brand, KAYAKO aims to empower the wearer through its modern, but simplistic designs, helping them start their journey with enough confidence to make them feel that they can and they will.

Do you have to be Filipino to wear KAYAKO?

Although we do emphasize the Filipino culture through our designs, KAYAKO is for anyone who feels like they need that extra push to be able to take that next step- it’s also for those who are already in the middle of their journey and are doing what they can to reach their goals; or it can be for you if you just really like our apparel!

Where are you located?

We are an online shop based in Canada, in the city of Edmonton, Alberta.